Finally we can tell you about the What Car? Car of the year as it’s now been announced. Its been super hush hush filming just before Christmas on a very closed set. We spent two days supervising a top film crew organised by Amanda Anderson Associates, ensuring the shots were captured for our big reveal of the impressive new BMW 5 series. Focusing on close-ups and abstract angles of the car to tease the moment when the car is announced.

Shot on ARRI Alexa 4K for a final delivery of a 70ft projection screen. We led the creative for the reveal video which basically involved throwing a load of digital UV paint and graffiti over our client’s lovely new car. It was a great project to work on intricately placing paint drips under a perfectly curved wheel arch. This approach helped us to disguise the true identity of the car whilst highlighting it’s features. We now know what a Hofmeister Kink is and you won’t find it running around a Californian beach in a pair of tiny red shorts.

We also ran and created the live graphics on the night at the Grosvenor House Hotel attended by 800 leading industry figures. The response was pretty overwhelming and thank you to our brave client for letting us loose with the graffiti cans and their beautiful car.

Watch the big reveal here