We’ve recently updated to the brand spanking new edition of Cinema 4D Studio and we’re loving the new features.  First thing’s first, it looks nicer! It’s had a few UI tweaks that make it feel like you’ve upgraded.  There are tons of new buttons to press but my favourite new feature is one of the simplest. Lines! Well, better lines.

The spline tools have been completely reworked and are now far more intuitive. The new pen tool has consolidated most of the previous spline tools into one and it’s very adaptable. With the Spline Arc tool you can create mathematically precise curves, and easily tweak them. Spline Smooth does what it says on the tin, but very nicely, not to mention the extra options to Flatten, Random, Pull, Spiral, Inflate or Project your path.

Spline Arc

In the past I tended to draw my paths in Illustrator and import them as it was so much easier than fighting the limited capability of Cinema’s spline tools, but now Cinema has just as much functionality. There’s also a selection of pathfinding options, such as Intersect, Subtract, Union, And, Or. It’s basically a 3D Illustrator toolbar. These new spline tools alone are worth the upgrade, but there are some other cool new features worth checking out such as the Take System and sculpting improvements, but that’s for another day. Follow us on Instagram to see our latest work.


Here’s one we made earlier…