Working directly with Amazon, First Image created a body of work to promote the new online Amazon Running Store. The campaign was launched to help users find their perfect running shoe. Starting with an interactive video animation we began by sketching out a flow chart to guide users to their ideal running shoe. “It felt right to create a central character that the user could relate to and follow throughout the selection process” explains Jane at First Image.


“We played around with character styles and explored sporting trends. We developed a male and female character who would run through a number of scenarios depending on the users options. The team also spent a lot of time researching running cycles and how we could bring some realism to our characters”. The interactive video links the user back to the Amazon online store and their perfect shoe.

macmockup copy

As part of the wider campaign we also produced a series of animated gifs for their social channels showcasing statistics captured by running app Strava. “Faced with the challenge of making quick informative graphics with a small file size, we set about creating simple graphic animations with a sporty feel” describes Lisa at First Image. These are updated on a monthly basis and translated into five languages.