For First Image, Autumn is undoubtedly our busiest season. Summer starts with an epic pitch of our ideas for the entire season of shows. As a varied team of creatives, inspiration is pulled from everywhere. Whether that be bubbles in the bath, or a visit to a sign workshop in Zone 4.

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Our goal for each year, and indeed for each show, is to better the previous one. As a modern audience, they’ve seen it all before, so the challenge to create something new, engaging and exciting is one we all relish and enjoy. We definitely do this for the love, and there’s nothing better than a very happy client.

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For PR Week Awards, we wanted to create a slick, clean look that really showcased our editing abilities (as well as our sexy new 4K camera). Each member of our team has their own strength, and this show really highlighted a cohesive group effort. Ricky is our in-house camera buff, and along with Josh, who’s a dab hand at animated type, we managed to pull together a really beautiful looking show. The footage was then gently treated to fit with the PR Week colours; a classy palette of red, black and gold. The opener to the show was not so gentle however; with a brash mashup of footage and a beefy track, there was no doubt in the room, that it was show time.

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The one that has a reputation for having a tough crowd is Media Week. With an audience of 1400 media professionals from ITV, Channel 4, Twitter and Facebook to impress, we always do something bold and brave. The music was bassy and the graphics were loud. With client being convinced of a neon theme, it allowed us a lot of creative scope. We set to work drawing a bespoke set of neon imagery and type for each category, that when animated, it made the entire screen look like God’s Own Junkyard. (If you’ve never been, then it’s a reason to visit Walthamstow).

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Completing the set, The Campaign Big Awards’ refreshing new format was reflected in the pacey video montages we created specifically to announce each category. Using high-contrast black and white imagery, stark simplified typography, 3D animation and attention grabbing sound design – there’s no denying the look and feel of the show was very different from years gone by.

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