For a fourth year, First Image were faced with the challenge of creating some striking graphics for the Event Awards, producing twelve different graphic treatments for a dynamic new screen layout. Working in collaboration with Kew Workshop and Haymarket Events, First Image created some adventurous and memorable show graphics.


Aimee Capstick, Head of Events at First Image explains ‘it was my most challenging show to date, as each category was like creating 12 new shows, but seeing them on the huge screen made me feel really proud. It was great to have full creative control of the visual design early on in the process, as we wanted the event to have a whole cohesive graphic style – so First Image also produced the ticket designs, poster designs, the guest directory, and the eye catching 9×16 plasma screen DOOH on the outside of the Hammersmith Eventim Apollo’.


Richard Fearn, Director of Operations at First Image revealed ‘To reflect the illustrious history of the venue, we followed the route of music themed graphics, imagining bands and music that would have previously been played there. Instead of using album covers, we pushed our designers at First Image to help showcase the great work we can produce. We developed themes and styles echoing recognisable music genres, ranging from Hip Hop to Disco, Psychedelia to Rock and Roll. Using bold imagery, animation and typography with strong colours and patterns, we created stunning graphics with an impact’.


We’re really proud to be sponsors of the 2015 event for the fourth year running. The industry is becoming really innovative and exciting at the moment and as a company, we have enjoyed creating bold onscreen graphics. We look forward to more live events throughout the year and the new challenges we may face.

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