Kinetic typography can be used in videos to help animations, scripts and stories come to life. Whilst very popular a couple of years ago, the trend seems to have died down slightly, but they can still be used as great examples. The key to a great animated type is to ensure the text is readable whilst maintaining smooth movements. Here are some animations which we feel are still inspiring.

1. Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger from YLLW makes use of Starglow in After Effects and has created some smooth text transitions.

2.Bob Dylan Subterranean Homesick Blues from Leandro Senna has a hand made feel with beautiful hand rendered phrases. With no retouching, each card was hand created allowing the artist to get back to basics with design.

3. Alphabet by Pavel Pavlov is a short animation which shows the alphabet in motion. Very slick and smooth with great sound design.

4.Elements of Design by matt greenwood has created flawless movement between scenes. A simple yet precise animation.

5.Animated Typeface Fiesta from First Image demonstrates the great animations that can be created with a moving font. Available here to purchase.

6. The ten commandments from Vit Ryznar / is a great example of clever typography and pretty impressive for their first time at After Effects.

7.Stuxnet is the stunning work from Patrick Clair which demonstrates both great storytelling and animation skills.

8. make It Better from Sebastianbap has great animation as well as clever sound design.

9.Claudio Salas created this animation for NSPCC, which tells a story cleverly using typography. It tackles the issue in a sensitive way which would appeal to its audience.

10. Shipserv from First Image takes you through the benefits of trading with ShipServ using an engaging narrative and simple kinetic typography.