Not sold on investing in a full video? Get a GIF or InstaVideo

Ever since Twitter loosened its rules back in the middle of 2014, animated GIFs or InstaVideos spread like a rash over every channel and though we all love the occasional re-hash of YouTube’s funniest, what we’re really talking about is teasing your product or event with a stand-out GIF or InstaVideo that jumps out from all the noise.

YouTube now allow 5 second bumper video ads as part of their sponsorship package which is all you really need to engage your audience. This has huge appeal for budgets and getting your campaign teased quickly. Our Creative Video Agency are big fans of the ‘SKIP’ button for encouraging this and we thank you all for being so impatient.

Sometimes the simpler the better and these can be turned round in a number of hours for you. If you want an original, low cost and quick teaser GIF or InstaVideo then drop us a line at First Image London.

Here’s a few hand picked examples of the best branded instagram videos that are original and we think look stunning. These can obviously be shared at will and when you make it this good you can trust your audience are likely to watch the whole thing on loop: