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Working with EAN

We have been working with our lovely client Expedia Affiliate Network, a B2B partnership brand of Expedia, for a number of years. We have witnessed the brand grow, helping them to create informative videos illustrating their latest products and services.

The main challenge throughout all of the projects have been to understand the complex technology and terminology which they need to show. Getting our head around API’s, J-SON codes, and merchandising was an essential part in making sure we delivered the right message.


We created animations with a vector feel using existing icons as a starting point to their style. With no pre-existing videos to use as a guide, we were free to develop the style. Our script writer did a wonderful job in creating a coherent narrative for our VO artists to read in a friendly upbeat manner. Not a hint of ‘corporate’ in sight.

As EAN created their new look and feel, we were then asked to refresh existing videos. We had fun playing with their new colour palette and icons to create videos which work nicely together and tie in nicely to the brand. The new looks has a more modern feel, using more neutral colours and increased linework.


Whilst the primary colours are blues and ‘champagnes’, we used pops of yellow to add a little interest and help create dynamic screens.



And the highlight? Being shown around their great offices.. including their karting room.

Check out the full portfolio of videos on the Expedia Affiliate Network Vimeo.


Instabrief Private View

Last week we took an excited peek at the private view of illustration agency Handsome Frank’s Instabrief at Dalston’s ThePrintSpace. On show were 32 new artworks by some of the members the agency represents. The works were an interpretation of briefs followers had submitted via Instagram and tagged with #hfinstabrief. It was astonishing to see how some works were only vaguely related to the brief while others were exact responses. Among our favourites were Malika Favre and Paul Blow – as well as the bustling creative atmosphere and the refreshing drinks. Get yourself down there for some inspiration, the exhibition continues until 10 May.

Brand Film Festival London

East London was buzzing with talent at the first London based Brand Film Festival. Following on from the success at it’s launch in New York last year we were excited to develop all the animations for a London crowd. Our characters featured heavily throughout the entire campaign from the call to entry right through to all the content running at the event. With the emphasis on brand storytelling, our animations reflected the wide range of categories from Sustainability and Not for Profit to VR and Best Screenplay.

Some of our favourite and inspired talks came from Ira Dubinsky, Psembi Kinstan and Richard Brim the lead creatives on the Marks & Spencer and John Lewis 2016 Christmas campaigns. Discussing the highs and lows of creating the much anticipated Christmas ad, they went on to talk about how current world views could shape what the feel of the next campaign should be. Another goody came from Kev O’Sullivan, Creative Director of FleishmanHillard Fishburn on the hype surrounding brand film and considering the PR approach before it’s launch.


Later in the afternoon we enjoyed a talk by David Titman and Jeff Bowerman on the latest series of brand films for Lynx – Men in progress. Changing the brand’s perception of a dated male ideal to what modern masculinity actually is. The day’s event drew to a close with an interesting insight on the brilliantly funny campaign for Hostelworld In da Hostel from Jenny Bust and Marek Mossakowski. The brand film is a parody of MTV’s cribs from the 90’s with 50 Cent perfectly placed as the host. Located in a modern Hostel in Barcelona 50 Cent takes you through all it’s features suggesting there’s no need to compromise on the lavish lifestyle he is used to. Wrapped up with a nicely crafted strap line “All the bling without the sting” – appropriate for the recently bankrupt star.

The much anticipated award show kicked off that evening showcasing and recognising the best in brand film. Check out our highlights video of the day here.

Happy Easter Egg eating everyone!

Inside the minds of Brilliant Designers with Lauren Kelly

Learning HTML and CSS

Full house. 36 days of type.

We’ve had a lot of fun in the studio these past 36 days creating our daily type for this year’s 36 days of type. We all got involved picking letters (and numbers) out of a hat. The result is an eclectic ensemble of colourful, varying characters…much like ourselves 🙂


First Image rock at the NME awards

Get to know our Cian in 90 seconds…

1. Where did you grow up? 

I grew up just outside Dublin, Ireland in a place called Ashbourne. It’s a small enough town so tend to head towards the city center for spending free time.

02. What’s your favourite pub and why?
I like the Haggerston in Dalston. Its a great place to spend a Saturday evening. Also friends with the barman so cheap beers which really helps.

03. Where do you find your inspiration?
Old print work a lot, record sleeves and cartoons from my youth. Pinterest is convenient but if possible I will try to look further afield.

04. What tune would you put on at a party and why?
Gimme The Loot – Biggie

I like to play gangster

05. Are you a dog or a cat person?
Dog 100 times over. My parents own a french bulldog called Alf who’s a great little dog.

06. What’s the best thing about working at First Image?
Everyone is so helpful and made me feel very at home and at ease from day one. I like the quality of the work which comes out of the studio. It’s a great job!


07. What are your top three favourite cities?

Dublin, Berlin and London (wahay)

08. How do you like to spend a Saturday?
Seeing friends and exploring London when the weather allows me too. Looking forward to the weather improving so I can go further afield.

09. What aspects of design interest you most?
I really like to work with type. But mainly image making and so on. I really enjoy experimenting and trying out new processes/ways of working. I try to make time for myself to do this as I find it important for a young designer to stay fresh. I really do enjoy most parts of my job!


10. What’s your favourite childhood TV program?
The Simpsons 100%. Watched the bulk of season 5 last weekend it never gets old and tired (new episodes are no use)

11. Hand drawn or digital?
Small sketch or two then onto digital usually would like to get some hand drawn work in soon.

13. What’s been your best experience since joining the team?
I really enjoyed my birthday meal in Chinatown, thanks for that guys! I also think it was great to see the process behind and even work on a small part of the NME awards title videos.

14. And most importantly what’s your favourite food?


Thanks Cian and welcome to the team!


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